Oppidans space Wiki

The Human Empire :[]

The Human Empire expended through the galaxy during centuries. A lot of solar systems where conquiered and colonised by human populations. To do so, humans used a rudimentary technology of fast travel they are still actually using. With time, they discovered a new type of ressource able to make ships way faster and powerfuller : the Crystals. Crystals where a quite hard to find material. A "Gold rush" started to look for Crystals to sell to the main Empire.

The Strewwa System case :[]

Strewwa is a medium yellow star with 5 planets and 2 asteroid fields orbiting. 2 of these planets are in the "green area" where life is possible. These planets were named Vankor and Narvis by colonists. Between them is an extremly stable asteroid belt at equidistance of each planets. The Strewwa system is one of the multiple systems exploited for the Crystals. At the beginning of the colonisation of the system, the two planets were in good terms. The Human Empire was supervising relations between them and commercial routes were established. Mega-corporations started to mine Crystals in the asteroid belt. To do so, they started to build numerous bases in the asteroid field, biodomes, mines, factories, buildings, gravitationnal stabilisers and generators to make life possible in the belt. At its peak the asteroid belt was occupied by more than 50 millions inhabitants.

Political Systems :[]

The Human Empire is a giant dictatorship with a full power on every systems. It controls all these systems with the fear of their giant space armada. However, it's power decreases with distance. The further the central planet of the Empire is, the lower is it's power. Narvis and Vankor are in a medium range giving them quite some control over what they are doing. Moreover the extraction of the Crystals gives them a quite big economic power with the Empire.

Vankor is an extrem dictatorship, every inhabitants can be localised with GPS markers and face detection cameras. There is no liberty at all, everyone works for or with the Government. The only ones with a bit of liberty are the mega-corporations who are exploiting the mines of Crystals. They have a big interest in technology development to get the advantage over Narvis.

Narvis is an autocratic society. They are completely controlled by the mega-corportations who are in every political associations. A strong lobby of weapons are maintaining the war active. People here are all workers for mega-corporations who are exploiting them without any rest. It has legalised slavery and a big part of the non-private army members are actually slaves.

Since the Empire has it's own problems in this era, they are not actually taking much part in the Vankor-Narvis conflict. As long as they can get Crystals from this system they wont make any action to stop the conflict.

The "Cold War" :[]

The Human Empire power was growing continuously and the power of the Strewwa System too. But one day the Empire started to loose influence and power. The supervisors from the Empire left Strewwa and let Vankor and Narvis on their own. The two planets were quite advanced already and autonomous. However this time period marked the beginning of extrem tensions between Vankor and Narvis. The mega-corporations started to mine in claimed land of each other to increase benefits in this period of hard time for the Empire. The numerous mining and commercial agreements between Vankor and Narvis started to be broken one by one. The asteroid field non-inhabited area started to be occupied by junkers, robbers and all the dregs from both planets. They started to attack mining and commercial ships to steal Crystals and commercial ressources. To replicate, Vankor and Narvis started a huge militarisation of their convoys. They also militarised the asteroid belt, placed turrets, borders, mines, and military bases. With this two-side militarisation, huge tensions were created in the belt and between the two planets.

The "Great War" :[]

Nobody knows who shot the first but one day war began between Vankor and Narvis. The inhabitants who could left the asteroid field to go back on their native planet and activated their defense drones. For the other they tried to survive as they could in the belt. The war is not over yet. However it calmed down, the asteroid belt has some areas where fights are almost stopped and where inhabitant can live quite peacefully. Vankorians and Narvisians are still oppressing a lot inhabitants of the belt, considering the ones who could not leave the same as the dregs from the borders of the belt.

Main character story :[]

You were a Vankorian lieutenant. You had a military formation as every Vankorian from the age of 16 but you never went in space before. One day, you saw a high Vankorian General plotting with an Narvisian ennemy with a strange blue shining item. He found out that you knew and to silence you he sent you to jail. Despite all your attempts to tell the truth you did not succeed in convincing anybody. You were being transfered to an asteroid belt orbiting prison when you were attacked by an unknown force...

You are hunted by Vankorians all troughout the story and Narvisians despise you as an inhabitant of the belt.

"The Artefacts" Narrative Arc :[]

We don't know much about the artefacts. We know that they are ruins of an extremly old alien civilisation and that they can control electromagnetic signals remotly. They can also take the control of full ships or places but they never are under the form of a single entity. They are always behaving like a parasite on something, never someone. They are very violent and are always looking to kill humans specially. We never directly saw one member of this specie.

WARNING ENDGAME SPOIL "The Gravitationnal Anomaly" Narrative Arc :[]

After having repaired the AI of Gamini, it founds out that a big gravitationnal anomaly is occuring in the belt. After some analysis you discover that this anomaly is the result of a too long exposure to gravitationnal manipulations from the gravitationnal generator. Since Vankorians and Narvisians do not care about what you can say directly to them, the AI plans to hack the belt main telecomunnications transmitter to send a general message. You hope that this message will be listenened by Narvisians and Vankorians. If it's not the case, the asteroid belt stability will be broken and it will cause extrem damages on all the belt structures and kill numerous people.

FAQ :[]

Why is there gravity for players in the belt but not for strucures ?

This is due to the gravitationnal generators. The humans do not completely control gravity at this point of history, only a small artificial gravity can be produced on living entities. This is mainly to protect the human body from transforming into soup in space and remain healthy.

Why Narvisians and Vankorians ships are inside the belt and not going above or under it ?

They are in a full war, they developped strong weapons able to do orbital bombardment directly on the belt. If one of the ennemy spaceship takes the risk of going above or under the belt he will be destroyed. So all pilots from both sides learned to navigate through the asteroid belt using it like a big shield.